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We are food engineers, we are advisors, we are your trusted partner

We specialize in food technology. We are leading developers of linear cooking systems internationally recognized for our expertise and know-how. We make it easier for you.

CelsiusFOOD constantly invests in Research & Development to improve our food machines. We are always pushing our limits so as to offer our customers the most innovative and versatile food processing equipment.

Our team is proactive and fully involved in the development and design of our linear cooking systems. We run tests on our equipment by placing ourselves in our customers’ shoes to anticipate their technical and practical needs. This level of commitment allows us to develop concrete solutions to design modular tunnel ovens that are genuinely easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Our ISO Certifications and labels

ISO 9001 - 14001

Guarantee of a quality and environmental management system

Tell us about your food product, we will design and install your ideal linear cooking systems

Theoretical analysis: the study of your project

Our starting point? Your needs. The first step is getting to know your food product well and understanding your objectives and issues. We take into account dimensions, electricity costs, system requirements, etc., and come up with a proposal of a suitable solution to optimize your investment. We can also assist you in carrying out a payback analysis to get a precise estimation of your future profit. Once we fully gauge all these technical aspects, our experts start working on your project.

Approval: the practical test

When the proposal is approved by our customer, our food application engineers in turn need to approve of the project. That means turning our rough draft into reality. To this end, we test the products, check and define all the different parameters (temperature, cooking time, weight loss, appearance, flavor, etc.) to ensure optimal performance of your modular cooking system.

Ready to be ordered: the importance of details

Your food processing oven is finally ready to be manufactured at our premises in Sweden. After defining the delivery terms, our technical and electrical managers visit your food plant to check all the following details: intake, technical specifications, software requirements, cable routes, compliance and certification (Apave, Veritas), etc. Our expert team is always by your side to listen to you, to assist and advise you for a smart and successful installation. Depending on the complexity of your order, the production time is between 6 months and 1 year.

Pre-delivery inspection: our guarantee of trust and transparency

Before the delivery, we invite you to fly to our production site in Sweden to perform together with a Pre-Delivery Inspection of your equipment. During the PDI check, your modular tunnel oven is examined to make sure it functions smoothly and conforms with every specification you requested for. Then, you are all set to use it in your factory!

Delivery, installation and hands-on training on site

Every linear cooking system is installed on-site by our own technical operators under the supervision of one of our expert industrial food managers. We are right by you while you push the “start button” for the first time. Your team is provided with practical training so that they can learn to quickly and easily handle your new tunnel oven: how to use it, clean and sanitize it, maintain it… We stay by your side for as long as necessary.

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