CelsiusFOOD’s commitments to the planet


Innovative and sustainable food cooking technologies

We all understand the importance of preserving our environment. As a cleantech company, CelsiusFOOD totally adheres to the Swedish model of environment conservation. We are convinced that technologies can help sustainable development and have worked since the beginning of our activity towards reducing our ecological impact significantly. When designing our modular cooking technologies, we focus on a more valuable use of water and energy.

Because we care about our planet, we provide our customers with the most ecological cooking technologies in the food industry market.

Our choice to develop environmentally friendly cooking technologies

CelsiusFOOD is constantly investing in Research & Development to keep reducing the ecological footprint of our food processing equipment. The thermal technologies we have developed enable to save on water and energy significantly.

Our conveyor belts are continuously cleaned by steam. This innovative and economical washing system only uses 50L of water per hour against 1,000 to 1,200L for a conventional washing system. It also reduces the volume of waste water by 700%!

In addition, our steam cleaning system reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to a cleaning system based on heated water. By using our modular tunnel ovens, you can save water and energy!

As an international company but also as individuals we feel responsible for our planet’s future. We decided to be a player for a more sustainable world.

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