ConCool – Pre-Cooling tunnel

A unique thermal transfer method designed to reduce leakage and losses immediately after cooking. Higher productivity, better quality product.

Pre-cooling tunnel: dual benefits for your food cooking line

Our ConCool module is a pre-cooling tunnel which reduces the product temperature after a cooking process and before a cooling process. This modular cooling system is designed to be seamlessly integrated at the end of the CelsiusFOOD modular cooking system. This process does not cool down the product temperature to a storage temperature. The objective of this thermal transfer method is something else.

During the cooking process, a food product loses moisture. At the very end of the process, when the product leaves the tunnel oven, it reaches its absolute maximum temperature. At this point, a large amount of moisture evaporates from the product. The ConCool technology stops this phenomenon and brings considerable benefits to your production lines.

An effective thermal transfer unit to optimize your production performances

High product temperature and loss of moisture are challenges for the cooling equipment. The formation of ice reduces performance, increases the use of energy and reduces operation time between defrosting cycles.

After the cooking process, the product is conveyed into either a cooling system or a freezing system. When a product at a very high temperature enters a -35°C environment, all the moisture which is still evaporating from the product condenses immediately and sticks in the form of ice to the cooling elements and the entire cooling tunnel. Our ConCool – Pre-cooling tunnel eliminates the condensation and reduces the need to stop production lines for recurring defrosting operations. Your production time is increased.

A pre-cooling system to preserve the qualities of your product

Fully cooked products lose juices, moisture and valuable weight once they reach target temperature. Reducing the temperature of the product straight after cooking stops the evaporation phenomenon.

The ConCool – Pre-cooling tunnel just cools the top and the bottom of the product to reduce the temperature down to about 38°C. This body temperature is the point at which moisture stops leaking out. This surface cooling process can prevent weight loss by several percent.

A unique thermal technology suitable for all food products and applications

The ConCool technology reduces the surface temperature of a fully cooked chicken breast in about 3 minutes. It is still mandatory to cool it down to its preservation temperature, whether in a spiral freezer or a cold room.

Cooling modules used for pre-cooling fully cooked ground meat return fat and drippings which are recovered during the cooking process.

Bakery products containing raising agents, such as sponge cakes, may rise irregularly when they are baked. Cooling such products between two conveyors is a solution to the unwanted alteration of product thickness.


  • Available widths: 600, 1,000, 1,200 mm
  • Cooling plates
  • Propylene glycol
  • Min. temp: -10°C
  • Teflon belt

Extra Modularity: we can set up your perfect Pre-Cooling tunnel

The ConCool technology is manufactured in the form of thermal modules. The cooking or pre-cooling modules are assembled to each other according to your needs to build the exact tunnel oven you require. This extra modularity also makes it possible to combine different methods of thermal transfer or to add specific modules for pre-searing, grilling, browning, roasting, etc.


Does your product need a specific process? Do you have a special request? Contact us! Our application engineer can help you to find the best cooking solutions.

Signature product

The benefits of the pre-cooling process for the best cooked chicken breasts

Cooked chicken breasts loose about 0.5 to 0.9% of their weight before the temperature falls to body temperature. Several percent of this valuable weight can be lost when the time between cooking and cooling runs into minutes. Direct cooling of hot products removes heat to prevent leakage and evaporation. Pre-cooling does not remove the need for conventional cooling equipment.

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