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Modular, flexible and scalable industrial ovens

For food industry professionals, CelsiusFOOD has developed a new generation of industrial ovens and flexible oven systems offering several thermal options to sear, fry, broil, grill, bake or cool food products with a homemade result. The linear tunnels are made up of modular sections which can be assembled one after another like a LEGO construction. We can develop a completely unique cooking solution from your product requirements.

Industrial ovens

Our different cooking technology modules

ConDuo Belt Grills


Double contact cooker

Master perfect cooking of

boneless products
  • Conduction cooking
  • Twin belt grill
ConduVec – Continuous combi cooker


Continuous combi cooker

Boost the Maillard reaction and get the best roasted products
  • Conduction and convection cooking
  • Bone-in and boneless products
ConVec Convection Ovens


Convection tunnel oven

Finally get the perfect

“gratiné” appearance
  • Convection cooking
  • Dry heat with static air
ConUno Base Cookers


Oven for liquid products

A continuous (moving) frying pan for all types of sticky products
  • Conduction cooking
  • Flip device
ConCool Surface Coolers


Precooling tunnel

Optimize your production

  • Weight loss reduced
  • Fewer defrosting operations
Bacon Ovens


Bacon cooker

Crispy bacon just like at home with up to 72,000 slices per hour.
  • ConDuo technology
  • Special features for processing bacon


Conveyor oven

A ready-to-use cooking system to uniformly sear and cook your boneless products.
  • ConDuo technology
  • Production of up to 300kg per hour

A large range of food applications

The incomparable flexibility of our modular cooking oven makes it possible to process a large range of food products. Crispy bacon, roasted chicken wings, lasagna au gratin, perfectly coloured hamburger patties, healthy vegetarian food,… Make it perfect with our modular industrial ovens.

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High quality support

By choosing CelsiusFOOD industrial ovens, you are not only choosing the best quality cooking equipment, you can also count on a reliable partner. Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers and to accompany them until they fully master their new equipment. We work in a collaborative spirit to help you to reach your objectives.

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High technology at the service of the environment

At CelsiusFOOD, we design and combine the best cooking solution for your project while continuously investing in our shared future. We are convinced that high industrial performance is compatible with respect for the environment and our industrial ovens are proof of this.

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Our team of food application engineers is at your disposal to answer your questions and accompany you towards the best cooking solution.

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CelsiusFOOD, your trusted partner

We work to provide the food industry with the right equipment to process better and healthier food products. Designed to increase the productivity of your cooking lines, the food technologies we have developed also aim to meet the food industry’s challenges of today. Our support is reliable and personalized.

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