United Thermal Technologies - UTT

Unite thermal techniques for two-stage cooking with a third-stage for cooling.
United technologies

United Thermal Technologies – UTT, think "LEGO" for outstanding flexibility

Modular systems make 2-stage cooking possible. Brown the product shortly using intense heat and then cook it through more gently. CelsiusFOOD new generation of cooking systems are made up of modules which are assembled one after another to form linear cooking and cooling systems.

Modules can be equipped with different thermal techniques for searing, broiling, baking and cooling. Sections of modules are united to form linear systems which are using more than one thermal technique. These tunnel systems can be designed with or without product transfers between different sections and techniques.

More modules generate longer systems for greater throughput. Adding more modules with the same thermal technique increase the capacity. Adding modules with a different thermal technique change the process configuration.

The best thermal configuration of a UTT system that cook (and cool) your products with optimal result requires trials and expertise. Contact an CelsiusFOOD application engineers for help.

Signature products

Chicken parts

Cuts of chicken, like breasts requires about 16 to 24 minutes to become fully cook in conventional tunnel ovens and spiral cookers. ConDuoVec halves such dwell times. The process is initiated by pressing heat into the chicken parts from two sides at the same time. Pressing rises the core temperature to 40°C (100°F) in 90 seconds only. A further 6 to 7 minutes of gentle broiling rise the core temperature to 74°C (165°F).

Thicker burgers, patties and poultry parts swell irregularly when they are exposed to heat. Shortly pressing the products between two heated surfaces have the following advantages:

  • Fast rise of temperature
  • Reduce total dwell time
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Initiate the browning reaction
  • Reduce swelling for uniformed core temperatures

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