Industrial Cooking Systems

Made up of modular sections, CelsiusFOOD industrial systems combines different technologies for seamless browning, roasting, heating and cooling. We manufacture our Twin Belt Grills, ovens and cooling systems in 3 process widths. Our systems are equipped with heating plates made of stainless steel for thermal fluid or electrical heating. Electrical heating plates are fitted with exchangeable heating coils.
ConDuo Belt Grills

ConDuo Twin Belt Grills

  • Double contact cooker
  • Convey and cook from both sides
  • Efficient way of cooking
  • Maintain equal product thickness
  • Uniformed core temperature
ConduVec Combi Ovens

ConduVec Combi Ovens

  • Conduction heat from bottom
  • Convection heat from top
  • Versatile technology
  • For bone-in & irregular products
  • No air movement or steam
ConVec Convection Ovens

ConVec Convection Ovens

  • Convey products on open mesh conveyor
  • Convection heat from top
  • Excellent for in-tray products
  • No air movement or steam
  • No shadow effects
ConUno Base Cookers

ConUno Base Cookers

  • Cook products on 1 Teflon belt
  • Conduction from bottom
  • Pre-cook and set the product base
  • Excellent for batters
  • Used for unmoulding
ConCool Surface Coolers

ConCool Surface Coolers

  • Reduce surface temperature quickly
  • Reduce snow & ice in freezer
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Accelerate the cooling process
  • Excellent for poultry products
United Thermal Technologies

United Thermal Technologies

  • Application driven design
  • Unite 2 or more technologies
  • Reduce retention time
  • Improve yield
  • Combine cooking and cooling

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