ConVec - Convection oven

Broil, browning or bake products in forms.

ConVec - Convection oven adds colour on ready-meals and steam-cooked products before packaging

ConVec – Convection oven use a open-mesh steel conveyor to transport products. The system uses broiler grills from above to bake and colour products. Convection in still air prevent shadow effects and unnecessary dehydration.

This technology adds colour to products which were steam-cooked. Browning improves appearance and value. The equipment adds colour to ready-meals in less than 2 minutes before cooling and packaging.

Signature products


Products which are baked in forms, like lasagne, gratins and pâté does not stick to open mesh-conveyors. Still air and broilers above the products eliminate shadow effects caused by the headspace in trays. The distance between broilers and products can be adjusted according to the application.


Meatloafs cooked in a wet environment may miss out on colour and browning. A linear ConVec oven after a tunnel or spiral oven applies intense browning without increasing the core temperature significantly.

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