ConUno - Base cooker

Unique heating technology for challenging products.

ConUno - Base cooker, prevent products from sticking. Cook viscous and liquid products

ConUno – Base cooker uses only one heated Teflon belt to convey and cook the products. With a maximum temperature of 260°C (500°F), this technology works like a continuously moving frying pan.

The system is designed for challenging products that are sticky, liquid, viscous or marinated.

As a cooker for liquid products, ConUno is equipped with vacuum to ensure proper heat transfer and a even color on the products. A flip to turn the products 180° can be added when it is necessary.

As a pre-cooker, the system set the base of sticky poultry products. Once the proteins are set, the cooking process can be continued in a spiral oven. The heated conveyor set the base to prevent marinated products from sticking to metal conveyors.

The system can be used as a continuous moving skillet or sauté. Automatic stirring devices may be added to mix ingredients which are cooked together during conveyance.

When chilled products in forms, like pâté shall be unmold before packaging, ConUno heats the base of the forms before unmolding.

Signature products

Pre-sear sticky (chicken) products

Setting the base (underside) on a heated non-adhesive PTFE conveyor prevent gooey products from sticking to tunnel and spiral ovens. About a minute of high heat is sufficient to set the base for most products before they are fully cooked on a metallic mesh-conveyor. Base cooking wipe out the need for soya lecithin.

Pancakes and omelettes

Viscous batters for pancakes and crêpes are dispensed directly on the solid non-stick conveyor. Omelette mixtures can be pre-coagulated or dispensed as liquid directly on the conveyor. A heated drop-zone under the dispenser fix the shape of low viscosity batters before baking.

A flipping device can turn products 180° when browning is wanted on both sides.

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