ConduVec - Combi Oven

Combi ovens combine conduction with convection and non-stick conveyors. ConduVec is a versatile system for ground meat, bone-in and irregular shaped products.

ConduVec – Combi oven cooks a wide range of products with an incomparable homemade result

ConduVec – Combi ovens combine two different heating techniques. Combi ovens convey products on solid non-stick PTFE belts. Products are directly heated by conduction from underneath. Simultaneously, broiler grills (electrical resistances) provide dry convection heat from above. It is the most flexible system in the industry.

ConduVec applies dry heat from broilers without moving the air. Unlike hairdryers, which are designed to remove moisture by blowing hot air, convection broilers in still air do not blow away moisture. Broilers in still air eliminates the need for wet steam to compensate for moisture loss during the browning process.

Because we are not using any steam or forced air during the cooking process, we ensure a Maillard reaction, a nice browning and the product keeps its natural shape.

CelsiusFOOD unique design allows meat juices to stay with the products on a heated conveyor during the cooking process. Like a fry-pan contain drippings, the thermal process give products an incomparable homemade taste!

The latest generation of HMI save up to 300 recipes and you have the possibility to set the distance from broiler grills to products, the cooking time, and the temperature.

For reasons of energy, water usage and production costs, the system uses steam to wash the Teflon belt during operation.

More options are available for specific products, contact an application engineer for assistance.

Signature products

Ground meat

Fully-cooked ground meats are ready-to-use and safe for consumption. Ground meats are cooked individual free flowing when the raw materials are ground frozen. The meat develops browning flavours and colour while it cooks in its meat juices.

When a modular pre-cooling step is integrated after the Combi oven, rendered fat and drippings are recovered from the meat continuously. Cooking juices are returned to the cooked ground meat during the pre-cooling step.


Solid and non-stick conveyor are excellent for sticky poultry products. Problems associated to sticking, weak colour and marks from mesh-belts becomes non-existent. Broiling in static air, unlike forced-air generates browning with less dehydration and without shadow effects.

Modular Combi ovens can be integrated with modules for pre-cooking, browning and automatic turning of products. Uniting two or more thermal techniques provide greater flexibility.


Spheric products like meat balls are seared by direct contact coming from a heated Teflon belt. At the same time broilers contribute to all-round browning in dry static air. Static air, unlike forced air, eliminates dehydration and thewy skin texture otherwise caused by moving air.

Modules for pre-steaming, flipping and additional searing can be added to modular Combi ovens.

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