ConDuo - Twin belts grill

The most productive way to sear and cook RTE bacon, deboned, sliced and reformed products without compromising quality or yield.

ConDuo - Twin Belts Grill surpasses microwave, hot air and steam cooking systems.

The ConDuo – Twin Belts Grill cooks the products between two heated Teflon belts, as between two frying pans. The Teflon belts convey and cook the products continuously. Heating plates, that can be heated by electricity or thermal fluid, heat the Teflon belts.

Set the distance between the heated belts, the cooking time and the temperature. Save the parameters to our last generation HMI. You can add up to 300 recipes!

The conduction heat brings homemade appearance and a special texture that microwaves, hot air and steam cooking systems can’t deliver. Direct heat gives Maillard reaction (browning) on burger patties and RTE bacon in less than a minute!

The essence of this technology is to increase the core temperature quickly and uniformly by maintaining an equal product thickness. ConDuo uses steam to clean the Teflon conveyors continuously. Steam improves cleaning, reduces water and energy consumption.

CelsiusFOOD manufactures ConDuo from modules to adopt your capacity needs. An application engineer can help you to find what is the best size for your needs.

Signature products


Direct heat provides the best colour, browning flavours and texture for precooked bacon. Bacon strips cook continuously between two heated conveyors. Cooked bacon strips is the signature product at CelsiusFOOD. The technical demands for accuracy and belt speed are the highest.

Thermal fluid and continuous steam-cleaning reduce power and energy consumption. Mechanical systems are reliable and easy to maintain.

There is no better cooking method for RTE bacon strips when colour, appearance and texture drives the value of products!

Hamburger patties

The technology uses direct heat to sear and fry hamburger patties from two sides at once. Heating from both sides delivers outstanding productivity. The appearance is identical to products prepared on a stovetop.

Clamp grills maintain the product thickness as patties are conveyed between two heated surfaces. A uniformed product thickness produces a uniformed core temperature. No under or over cooking perfect food safety and lessen the cooking losses.

No steam or forced air are used. Solid PTFE conveyors leave no industrial mesh-belt marks on your valuable burgers


Cuts of boneless chicken swell uncontrolled in conventional ovens when the internal temperature rise. Twin Belt Grills maintain the product thickness, generate precise core temperature and eliminate partial over cooking.

Chicken breasts intended for sliced and diced products cook in under 5 minutes. Integration of ConCool modules after the cooker reduce weight losses between cooking and cooling.

Teflon belts are excellent for sticky and marinated chicken meat. Conveyors are continuously cleaned to make product changeovers speedy and effortless.

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