ConCool - Surfaces cooler

A unique technology designed to reduce leakage and losses immediately after cooking.

ConCool - Surfaces cooler, reduce the product temperature before cooling

These modular cooling system are designed to be seamlessly integrated at the end of CelsiusFOOD modular cooking system.

Fully cooked products lose juices, moisture and valuable weight once they reach target temperature. High product temperature and loss of moisture are challenging for the cooling equipment. Formation of snow and ice reduce the performance, increase use of energy and reduce operation time between defrosting cycles.

The ConCool technology reduce the surfaces temperatures of a fully cooked chicken breasts in about 3 minutes. Final cool down to preservation temperature is still mandatory, whether in a spiral freezer, a cooling tunnel or a cold room.

Cooling modules used for pre-cooling of fully cooked ground meat return fat and drippings which are recovered during the cooking process.

Bakery products containing raising agents, like sponge cakes may rise irregularly when they are baked. Cooling such products between two conveyors solve unwanted alteration of product thickness.

Signature product

Cooked chicken breasts

Cooked chicken breasts loose about 0.5 to 0.9% of their weight before the temperature fall to body temperature. Several percent of the valuable weight can be lost when the time between cooking and cooling are minutes. Direct cooling of hot products remove heat to cease leakage and evaporation. Pre-cooling does not take out the need for conventional cooling equipment.

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