About CelsiusFOOD

One concept, one focus and one type of equipment

About us

CelsiusFOOD do one thing to do that better than anyone else. We manufacture thermal systems using PTFE Teflon conveyors and direct conduction heat. That is the only thing we do.

We use our knowledge to design and manufacture one type of equipment for the food industry. Our thermal systems are made of linear sections, each with its own technique for frying, broiling, baking and cooling. The HQ in Sweden is the hub where application knowledge meet innovative engineering. Here is a test facility flanked by engineering, electronics, software and assembly at the size of 3 football fields.

Our focus

At CelsiusFOOD we understand the value of practical experience. Everyone in the company works regularly onsite with food equipment and processes. We shall invest in knowledge and capitalize on the best solutions for our customers.

Our teams

Our mission is to find what is the best solution for our customers and provide the equipment for it. Equipment from CelsiusFOOD have a long lifespan. We find out what is the best solution now and what flexibility the equipment must have for the future. The essential ingredients for each project are:

  • Food application engineers
  • Project management
  • Technical and electrical design
  • Software engineering
  • Manufacturing

The team members who trial your products, verify the design with you and manufacture the specific equipment is the same members that install and deliver it to you.

Our history

The history dates back to 1987. In April 2014, CelsiusFOOD AB was founded with a sole purpose to improve and manufacture a new generation of Twin Belt Grills and Teflon ovens. Continues equipment that use direct conduction of heat energy is by no means new. What was new is the modern technology that meet the demands for energy savings, reliability and flexibility of today. Water and energy management and maintainable heating plates made of stainless steel was high up on the list right from start. The modular design that allows the equipment to be expanded for greater throughput was important. So was the ability to unite different thermal techniques for frying, broiling, baking and cooling in one seamless system.

Since the start, CelsiusFOOD has delivered about 30 systems on 3 continents. Among them the 3 largest and most technologically advanced Teflon systems in the world.

5 things about our technologies

  • Lower water and energy consumption
  • Maintainable stainless heating plates
  • Modular technology for cooking and cooling
  • Combine techniques for 2-stage thermal processing
  • Expandable when greater throughput is needed


CelsiusFOOD AB is a privately owned LLC with domicile in Sweden. The company have professional board members that help us do things right. PwC keep an eye on our books and legal matters.

ISO 9001:15 and 14001:15 certified.

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